HLA’s Divisions

HLA WATER AND WASTEWATER DIVISION capability in water supply and sewerage works are comprehensive and draws together the water resource, civil, structural, treatment process, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation skills of the Company.
The range of services provided includes :

* Demand forecasting & Masterplan Studies.
* Hydrological Studies and Water Resource Evaluation.
* Water and Wastewater Treatment Process Specification
and Design.
* Scheme Identification and Feasibility Studies.
* Water Quality Studies.
* Analysis and Design of Sewerage and Sewage
Treatment System.
* Planning, Analysis, Network Simulation and Design of
Pipelines and Distribution Systems.
* Design of Pumping and Electrical Plant Installation in
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant.
* Design of Storage Reservoirs.
* SCADA and Telemetry System’s Specification and

*Project Management including Construction Supervision
and Contract Management.

The division is equipped with up to date computer’s hardwares and engineering design softwares such as
INFOWORKS WS, INFOWORKS SD, INFOWORKS ICM, Geostudio, STAAD PRO, ZW CAD, Auto CAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD 2015-2020, Sketchup Pro, CSC ORION, CSC S-FRAME, CSC TEDDS, Microsoft Office Project, and Protastructure.

HLA INFRASTRUCTURE DIVISION was established to provide consultancy services for planning, design, site survey and investigations, contract management and construction supervision of among others development infrastructure, dam, rail, road and highway projects. The division is distinguished by its high level of professional capabilities. It is manned by qualified highway and infrastructure engineers, geotechnical and foundation engineers, traffic and transport engineers who have many years of design office and site experience and capable of handling large and complex infrastructural projects.
Among the capabilities of the division includes :

* Earthwork, Road, Drain, Water Reticulation and Sewerage
System of a Development.
* Rail, Road and Highway
* Dam
* Surface and Underground Water Resource
* Environmental Management Plan (EMP) & Erosion
Sediment Control Plan (ESCP)
* Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for Dams
* CAD and GIS capabilities to analyse LiDAR, Point Clouds,
ASCII, Aerial Image data

The division is equipped with up to date computer’s hardwares and engineering design softwares such as ARCGIS, Global Mapper, Infonet, MES 2, Microsoft Office Project, Geostudio, Staad Pro, ZW CAD, AutoCAD 2015-2020, and AutoCAD Civil 3D.

HLA BUILDING, STRUCTURE AND BRIDGE DIVISION maintains a structural team well versed in project planning, detailed engineering design, computer application, construction supervision and project management. The team has the versatility and experience to design and manage a broad range of structures for commercial, institutional and residential development, and industrial buildings. Close integration with the company’s other divisions results in effective handling of projects.
The range of capabilities includes :

* Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structures and Buildings
* Building Integrated Modelling (BIM)
* Cast Insitu, Precast, Prefabricated, On-site Fabrication
* Post-tensioned and Pre-tensioned structures
* Finite Element Analysis
* Bridge, Water Retaining Structures
* Low Rise and Highrise Buildings
* Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis
* Soil Structure Interaction Analysis

The division engineering design software capability include:
CSC ORION, CSC S-FRAME, STAAD PRO CONNECT, CSC TEDDS, ProtaStructure, Sketchup Pro, Geostudio, Microsoft Office Project, Global Mapper, STAAD PRO CONNECT, ZW CAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and AutoCAD 2015-2020.

HLA DRAINAGE AND IRRIGATION DIVISION capability in water resources management and drainage works draws together the hydrologic, hydraulic and engineering planning skills and resources of the company.
The range of services provided includes the following :

* Stormwater and Drainage Master Planning.
* Hydrological Analyses and Water Resources Planning and
* Floodplain Management Planning.
* Design of Flood Mitigation Works.
* Stormwater Quality Studies.
* Analysis and design of Stormwater Drainage
* Design of SCADA/Telemetry System, Pumping and
Electrical Plant Installation in Drainage and Irrigation
* Drainage Network Modelling and Hydraulic Design of
* Hydraulics and Hydrology of Dams, Barrages, Canals,
Reservoirs and Water Transfer Schemes.
* Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS),
Asset and Data Management and Value Engineering.

The division is equipped with up to date computer’s hardwares and engineering design softwares such as
InfoWorks RS version 10, and InfoWorks ICM

HLA MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL DIVISION was established to provide consultancy services for planning, investigation & audit, detailed engineering design, construction supervision and testing & commissioning of M & E works. The team has the experience to design and manage the M & E installation of various types of buildings and pumping plants. Working closely with the company’s other divisions resulted in effective handling of projects. The range of our capabilities includes :

* Building services
     * Firefighting system
     * HVAC system (Heat, ventilation and air conditioning)
     * Elevator system
     * Lighting and small power system
* Design of Pumping Station (Water Treatment Plant,
Booster Pump, Sewerage Treatment Plant, Waste Water
Treatment Plant and Flood Mitigation)
* Design of High, Medium, Low and Extra Low Voltage
* Design of Instrumentation, SCADA and Telemetry system
* Investigation and Audit of M&E installation
* Plant verification
* Plant testing and commissioning

The divison engineering design software capability includes : Microsoft Office Project, ZW CAD, and AutoCAD 2015-2020

HLA PROJECT MANAGEMENT DIVISION provides project management services that are client-orientated, pro-active and efficient, tailored to suit the particular needs of each project. It has gained vast experiences in Water supply and Buildings projects. Our teams are fully well versed in all aspects of the design and construction processes and we offer co-ordinated and well-structured team disciplines to assist clients in the overall planning, coordination and control of projects.

HLA Project Management Division emphasises on the three aspects of projects namely cost effective, timely delivery and quality. The division ensures that the highest standards are achieved, is constantly seeking to achieve greater quality and efficiency and to continuously improve its project management practices in an ever demanding construction industry. HLA Project Management Division provides the following range of services :

* Establishment of Client’s Needs and Projects’
* Feasibility Studies
* Project Strategy and Project Execution Planning
* Appointment of Consultants
* Design Management
* Appointment of Contractors
* Construction Management
* Project Commissioning
* Cost Appraisal and Management
* Value Engineering
* Time Management
* Quality Management
* Project Reporting
* Risk Management

The division design software capability include:
Microsoft Office Project